CODE OF ETHICS

  •  1.  All  huts, buildings, and their contents to be left in a clean and tidy                                                                                    condition.                                                                  

          A plentiful supply of firewood is to be left for the next occupier.

         No food that will encourage vermin is to be left in or around huts.

         Any emergency rations used, to be replaced by the user

  • 2    All gates are  to be left as found, that is open or shut

  • 3   All care  must be taken not to unnecessarily disturb stock.

  • 4  No firearms or alcohol  allowed on club trips.

  • 5     Members to ensure footwear is thoroughly clean at the start of a trip to ensure no seeds or disease (e.g. footrot) is carried from one property to another

  • 6   Leaders or organisers of trips will obtain permission from property owners or occupiers before tramping, using or giving any publicity about trips on such property, other than in an emergency.

  • 7   Members are to see that all campfires are completely extinguished and exercise caution against starting grass or scrub fires and observe all fire restrictions. NO SMOKING is allowed on Club trips.

  • 8    Members are not to perform any act or omission, which could        endanger a tramping party of the life of any member

  • 9     The decision of the Trip Leader shall be final.

  • 10   Members are to conduct them selves as all times in such a  manner as not to cause embarrassment or disgrace to the Club or its members.