Every day in the out doors is a good day

 Non-members are welcome to join us (subject to being properly equipped and undertaking trips consistent with their experience and fitness).  

If you wish to join our club on a days outing , check out coming tramps or trips on the current program and select one that you think would suit you.  It is best to choose one that is rated ‘Easy’ if you are unsure of your tramping abilities.   Check the trip grading in the GRADING section to see what is considered "Easy"   Note that  F/E  means FITNESS ESSENTIAL not fairly easy!

 Trip leaders will be able to give you any particular info relevant to their trip. Departure time is listed. Generally we are back in Blenheim around 4.30-5pm. but as this cannot be guaranteed it doesn't pay to make important evening appointments on tramping days!    A few tramps have been spoiled because someone has had to back by a certain time.   

The cost of the trip is listed with the leaders name. 

 Actual walking/climbing time is around 6 to7 hours on the average trip and a reasonable level of fitness and endurance is necessary.

  In the " What to do,  what to take"  tab  are the full details of what is expected of those taking part in a club tramp or trip, and information on what gear and clothing to take.

         Contact the leader for that tramp a few days before.  They will want to know a little about your previous walking experience, and will give you an idea of what to expect on this particular walk.  It is at the leaders discretion if they consider if the trip is within your capablities and experience.

       You will need to advise the leader of any health or other issues that might affect your ability to complete the walk.

       Be aware that all our members are volunteers, and that tramping involves some risks.  MTC  follows reasonable safety procedures, however leaders or the club cannot be held liable.  Participants are ultimately responsible for their own safety.