In May 1932, 17 foundation members came together for the inaugural meeting. The first tramp as a result was to Mt Dobson, with other early outings being to Mt Robertson, The Ned, Mt Riley and the Waikakaho Saddle, all still familiar destinations today.

 At the first General Meeting it was decided not to admit women, and it was to take until November of that year for them to be finally accepted, albeit only then on a split vote.

Tramps at that time were graded either “Strenuous” or “Less strenuous”!  With eligibility for the former needing nomination by the Committee.  The decision on the weather was left to the President and Secretary-maybe a good way for present-day leaders to pass the buck???

Transport in those days was often by Deluxe Rea Coach, driven at times on fortnightly outings by  the Club Captain.

Owing to the War and its aftermath, the Club was in recess from 1937 until it was reformed in 1949.

 Mid-week tramps commenced in 1989 and attract a large portion of our members.

The first edition of the newsletter was published in 1956 at a cost of 9pence  per member and left the club 7 pounds in the red for it's troubles.  Now it is sent by email each month and is on the website at no cost.