Photo competition rules and classes for 2021


   1.      ABOVE BUSHLINE  (with no human element)     

   2.      ABOVE BUSHLINE (with a human element)

   3.      BELOW  BUSHLINE  (with no human element)  

   4.      BELOW  BUSHLINE  (with a human element)

   5.      FLORA AND FAUNA                                                   

   6.      MTC Club Life


   7.      NZ LANDSCAPE –Non-Club trip

   8.      2021 MTC Theme  “Our People”. Photo can be of 1 or more people but not group photos. Selfies accepted.     

   9.      OPEN. (anything that doesn’t fit in categories 1 – 8)


1.         Photos must have been taken after 1st August 2020

2.         Only MTC members can enter

3.         Photo must have been taken by the member

4.         Photos must have been taken on club trips/events other than forclasses  7 and 9

5.         A maximum of 3 prints per member per class

6.         The trophy will be awarded to the member with the most

            points in Classes 1 to 6

7.         Photos can be no larger than 8x6 (15x 20cm).

8.         Photos need to be mounted onto suitable sized sheet - plain or coloured, paper or cardboard

9.         Photos must have a title on the front mount, with the member’s

            name and category on the back